Lining Installation

    From 10,000 SF to 20,000,000 SF in every sector of the Construction Industry.

    SAI provides a full service for liner installation projects that includes budgetary proposals,
    drawing and specification review and full installation for your next project. We employ the most up-to-date procedures and installation equipment to ensure we provide you with a superior project. SAI can deliver budgetary prices for your engineering review process and final estimation for your project which includes a review of constructability procedures to ensure a smooth project.

    Our collaboration with you, the engineer and inspectors provides for a well-planned process which keeps your project on time and on budget.

    Lining Repairs

    Fast, reliable service to put you back into production and compliance.

    SAI has the Geomembrane Liner Repair Response Team at the ready with our IAGI Certified
    Technicians to inspect and put your liner back together. We employ the most advanced Leak
    Location team to find your leak with precision, the first time. We give new life to a damaged liner and put it back into compliance.

    Our experience in inspection of pond liners is your safety net. We have seen many forms of damage and modifications needed to geomembrane pond liners. So, whether you have an obvious breach or a “ghost” leak, we can find it. We will make your pond an eco-friendly, non- polluting aspect of your process. At SAI, we will do our job so you can get back to doing your job. Let us worry about the repairs!


    Piping Installation

    Installation and assistance with material and equipment.

    SAI has the capability and experience to supply plastic piping systems and equipment for your project. We provide the welding equipment and training for your team at your convenience. For a quick estimate just send us your drawings and specifications and we will forward you a proposal.
    If its equipment you desire, give us a call and we can arm you with the correct information to make your decision. Training on the pipe welding equipment is also offered to your technicians so that you not only can buy the equipment, but you can also use it with confidence. The training is supplied by our partner, virtually and/or in-person.

    Leak location services

    Whether your pond is filled with water or empty we can assist in location of leaks.

    In conjunction with our repair division we can help you locate leaks in liners with various methods which are above and beyond just visually locating. A visual search can be deceiving because some leaks cannot be located with the naked eye and will require a more technical approach. Call us for the best direction for your scenario!


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